Maple syrup color grades from very dark on the far left to golden delicate second from right.  The far right bottle is a test bottle.

Lamb Sugarworks LLC

1051 Jack Hill Rd

East Calais VT 05650

Phone:  (802)456-8192


To order, please contact by email or phone. Once I receive your order, I will email an invoice.  Follow links on the invoice to submit payment through PayPal using any major credit card.  You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay.  Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of payment.  Please specify the size, quantity, and grade (see pictures and descriptions).


Golden Delicate (previously "VT fancy")

Amber Rich (previously "medium amber" and lighter "grade A dark")

Dark Robust (previously darker "grade A dark" and "grade B")

Very Dark Strong (previously "grade C" or "Commercial Grade").  Generally used only for flavoring.

   Gallon                                              Half Gallon                         Quart                   Pint             



Gallon = $50

Half Gallon = $30

Quart = $18

Pint = $10

12 oz. glass = $10

9 oz. glass = $8


USPS Medium Flat Rate Box = $14

Can hold up to 2 half gallon containers, or 3 quarts, or 6 pints

USPS Large Flat Rate Box = $19

Can hold up to 2 half gallons and 2 quarts, or 5 quarts, or 12 pints

               12 oz. glass                           9 oz. glass