Gallon                                              Half Gallon                         Quart                   Pint             

 Maple syrup color grades from very dark on the far left to golden delicate second from right.  The far right bottle is a test bottle.

To order, please contact by email or phone. Once I receive your order, I will email an invoice.  Follow links on the invoice to submit payment through PayPal using any major credit card.  You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay.  Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of payment.  Please specify the size, quantity, and grade (see pictures and descriptions).

               12 oz. glass                           9 oz. glass         


Golden Delicate (previously "VT fancy")

Amber Rich (previously "medium amber" and lighter "grade A dark")

Dark Robust (previously darker "grade A dark" and "grade B")

Very Dark Strong (previously "grade C" or "Commercial Grade").  Generally used only for flavoring.


Gallon = $48

Half Gallon = $28

Quart = $17

Pint = $10

12 oz. glass = $10

9 oz. glass = $8

Lamb Sugarworks LLC

1051 Jack Hill Rd

East Calais VT 05650

Phone:  (802)456-8192

Email: drewlamb@lambsugarworks.com


USPS Medium Flat Rate Box = $14

Can hold up to 2 half gallon containers, or 3 quarts, or 6 pints

USPS Large Flat Rate Box = $19

Can hold up to 2 half gallons and 2 quarts, or 5 quarts, or 12 pints