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Tubing system for sap collection.

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why choose us?

We are a Small Family Operation Making Maple Syrup the Old Fashioned Way

We are not your typical old time Vermont maple family, having arrived from Oregon via Colorado, Georgia, and Massachusetts.  Our connection to maple began in 2001 when we tapped a few backyard sugar maples and boiled for MANY hours on a flat bottomed pan to produce some very dark syrup.  Since then we have grown into a small business, tapping 2000 trees and producing around 700-800 gallons of syrup a year.

Quality Maple Syrup at an Affordable Price

People who have not spent much time around maple often ask me why maple syrup is so expensive!  After all, in VT syrup is used to barter as if it was liquid gold!  The most telling fact is that it takes between 40 and 60 gallons of maple sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup.  To cook the sap down requires large, expensive equipment, lots of cord wood to fuel the evaporator, and lots and lots of time in the woods and in the sugarhouse.  Nearly all maple syrup you find in grocery stores across the United States comes from large, industrial sized maple corporations, mostly located in Canada, that tap between 20,000 and 150,000 trees.  These operations are truly massive.  Traditionally, making maple sugar and maple syrup was done on small farms to supplement income from dairy, agriculture, logging, or similar activities.  Maple made up just a piece of the pie.  Our maple business aims to continue the tradition of making maple syrup at a small scale with attention to detail.  This way we can make the highest quality maple syrup available, and offer it at an affordable price.